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    The future is here! Grab our music in style with this 3-in-1 bracelet. This flashy wristband is actually a 2gb USB flash drive that can go into any computer or car with a USB port.

    On this, is every song we've put out (and some unreleased!), with nearly 30 tracks in total, you have every CD we've put out and MUCH MORE!

    2018 Singles:
    Dance With Me
    DayDreaming Night
    End of the Day
    Hate Ya
    It's Okay
    Light It Up
    Long Way 2 Go
    Snap Queen
    When I Go
    YOLO (Acoustic, 2018 recut)

    2wins 4you EP:
    Asa Branca
    Fore Casey
    The Monster
    Wake Me Up
    Wonderful World

    From our YouTube Projects:
    Home Before You Know It
    Sweet Child O' Mine
    Bad Romance Cover
    Terror of the Bells/Carol of the Bells Hip Hop Violin

    B2wins Christmas:
    Silent Night
    Santa Clause is Coming to Town
    Let It Snow
    Jingle Bells
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    FAQ -
    I'm not into technology, how does this work? - That's okay! Simply plug this into your computer and a folder will pop up with songs. Double click to play, burn a CD, send to friends - whatever!
    I have a USB port in my car, will it play there? - YES!
    Should I buy more than one? -YES, your support gets us in the studio more often, to make more music
    Will this work on Mac computers? - YES
    What can I do with this music? - Play on your computer, put into iTunes, burn a CD, play in your car, share with friends, anything (legally) you want with it :)
    What else can I do with it? -But wait, there's more....once you take our music off and put on your computer, you have a stylish wristband you can put ANY digital files you want on it. Homework, files from the office, more music, pictures, videos.
    Is this waterproof? -Unfortunately no it is not waterproof, it will hold up with sweat though

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